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A Cinewall combined with a fireplace gives a complete luxurious look to your living room. Our energy-efficient and sustainable fireplaces are designed to fit perfectly in a Cinewall.

The ideal fireplace for under your TV is the Monaco model. A Cinewall is a customized wall made of gypsum board. Our installers will perform the installation on site.

We take care of the complete installation at your home so you don't have to worry about a thing. At VuurSfeerhaard, we ensure that the Cinewall is installed to your specifications and needs. We bring all the necessary tools and materials with us so you can sit back and watch the installation of your dream Cinewall by VuurSfeerhaard.


Combining a Cinewall with a fireplace creates a complete luxurious look for your living room.

Our sustainable fireplaces are designed to fit perfectly within a Cinewall.


We have a wide range of options, so there is something suitable for every interior!


We provide the full installation of the Cinewall at your location. We will come and install it for free and also provide delivery!

We can build a Cinewall within 4-6 hours. We call this the fast service of VuurSfeerhaard.


We guarantee the best quality!

We always offer 5 years of warranty on your Cinewall. If your Cinewall has any issues during the warranty period, we will always look for a solution!

Benefits of the Cinewall

  • No more need for big cabinets.
  • No more cleaning of the TV cabinet.
  • Extra sleek & luxurious look in your living room/interior.
  • No more cables or cords in the way.
  • Create different looks with a cinewall.
  • Create extra storage space without extra large cabinets.
  • Everything delivered & installed together with your fireplace.


A soundbar is a bar-shaped audio system that is used to produce and enhance sound from televisions or other devices.

When assembling a Cinewall, the option of adding a soundbar space is available.

The height of the Cinewall

The standard height of the Cinewall is 220 cm. We need the specific height for the installation of your Cinewall.

For an additional increase of 25cm, there are no extra costs involved.

Combination with fireplace

It is very important to consider which TV and Fireplace you will be combining, and we have a list of perfect TV and Fireplace combinations.

The standard viewing height of the TV is 96cm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Fire Atmosphere Fireplace install the Cinewall?

Once we come to install a Cinewall, our own installers will come to your home for free to carry out the installation. They will have the Cinewall completed within a few hours.

Are the installers skilled?

Our installers work according to the VCA certificate. They are professional and very precise. Installing Cinewalls is what we do daily and specialize in.

What is the average delivery time of the Cinewall?

Due to our ability to quickly process orders, our average delivery time for the Cinewall is 2-4 weeks.

How do you finish the Cinewall?

We finish the Cinewall with plastering as the final touch. After the Cinewall has dried, you'll need to finish it with paint or wallpaper on your own.

Is there enough space for the soundbar?

Since we customize everything on-site, we can create enough space for your soundbar if you wish.

How deep is a Cinewall?

By default, the Cinewall has a depth of 20 cm, which is very minimal and doesn't take up much space in your living room. However, if you prefer it to be deeper than 20 cm, it's certainly possible to customize it accordingly.

Where can I store my accessories in my Cinewall?

We use a rotating bracket to ensure that all your accessories can be placed behind the TV in the Cinewall. This is possible because the TV is rotated forward, leaving enough space behind it.

Can I store a PlayStation in my Cinewall?

There is also a great solution for this! We use a rotating bracket that provides enough space behind the TV to store your PlayStation without you noticing it's there.