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Pros & Cons.

Are you planning to buy an electric fireplace but are unsure about its pros and cons? Do you want to know all the necessary information? Do you want to make sure it is safe and energy efficient?

Then take a look at all the pros and cons of an electric fireplace below to see if it's right for you.


An electric fireplace is very sustainable. The Monaco model has an A energy label. Gas availability is decreasing and burning wood is becoming more strictly regulated, while the demand for electricity only continues to increase.

An electric fireplace only requires an electrical outlet. The energy consumption of our fireplace is very sustainable. If you have solar panels on your roof, the use of the fireplace is even cheaper! With a traditional fireplace, there is much more to consider, such as the exhaust of smoke.

The installation of the Monaco fireplace is very easy. You just need to make sure there is a free space (hole) available where the fireplace with the correct dimensions fits, and you place the fireplace in your wall unit or cinewall. The glass front that protrudes covers everything in front of the fireplace.

No gas or bioethanol, only electricity. The best thing about an electric fireplace is that you don't have to worry about its safety. With a traditional gas or charcoal fireplace, this is quite dangerous for children and pets. With an electric fireplace, you have nothing to do with gas, flue or bioethanol, which can also be very dangerous.

An electric fireplace requires no maintenance. With an open fireplace, you have to deal with cleaning up the ash or soot. With an electric fireplace, this is not important. You just plug it in and enjoy the flames endlessly.

Different technologies. We have used the best technologies for the fireplace, including an integrated flame sound module, so you can enjoy the feeling of a traditional fireplace.

Stylish for any interior. The electric fireplace is a real eye-catcher in the house! The fireplace creates a cozy atmosphere in the house! The fireplace fits into any interior and has its chic and modern character.



Although you cannot see the difference between an electric and traditional fireplace, they do not produce real flames with heat.

No authentic wood scent. With a traditional fireplace, you have the real scent of burning wood that some people love, but this is not the case with an electric fireplace.

An electric fireplace operates on electricity, so if you do not have access to the electrical network for certain reasons, you cannot use an electric fireplace.