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Fireplace Monaco 128cm

Original price was: € 750,00.Current price is: € 420,00.

The Monaco ambiance fireplace model is an electric built-in fireplace. The ambiance fireplace has a realistic flame effect that looks just like a real classic open fireplace. Ideal for placing under your TV in a cinewall. With its new design and narrow frame of 5.0cm, it gives a luxurious and sleek look!

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Ideal for Cinewall.

Product Description Monaco 128cm

The Monaco ambiance fireplace is an inset fireplace that can be built into a wall or piece of furniture. The Monaco model is an extremely energy-efficient electric ambiance fireplace that does not produce heat, but is safe and child-friendly. The power cord is 180cm in black. The Monaco ambiance fireplace has an optional flame sound system that can be controlled separately. The tempered glass front with its 5.0 cm black frame provides a luxurious and modern look without grilles or knobs, just a glass panel. The most popular location for the Monaco ambiance fireplace is under the TV, but it can also be installed in a wall unit or cabinet.

All the benefits at a glance:

  • Realistic flame effect
  • Energy-efficient
  • Suitable for any interior
  • Maintenance-free
  • Child and pet-friendly

The new Monaco ambiance fireplace model is of high quality, prepared and made with the most efficient and sustainable technology, which ensures that the flame effect looks just like a classic open fireplace, creating a cozy atmosphere in your home that warms your heart. The Monaco ambiance fireplace can be operated with a remote control, has 5 brightness levels, and 3 different flame colors: orange, blue + orange, and blue.


A cinewall combined with an electric ambiance fireplace adds a complete luxurious look to your living room. The ideal combination is a cinewall with an ambiance fireplace. Our energy-efficient and durable ambiance fireplaces ensure that they can be placed perfectly in a cinewall. It is good to know that our electric ambiance fireplaces are extra safe in any wall because they do not have a heating element, which can be harmful and dangerous. Want a real eye-catcher in your living room? Then choose a cinemawall in combination with an electric ambiance fireplace!


One of the biggest advantages of an electric ambiance fireplace is its installation and ease of use. With a classic open fireplace or gas fireplace, you have to install a complex flue, which is not necessary with an electric ambiance fireplace! The electric fireplace only needs a power outlet. The operation is simple: plug it into the power outlet, take the included remote control in hand, and turn on the flame effect with a simple push of a button. Install and enjoy an added value to your living experience!


Good to know! We also offer a 5-year extended warranty on all our electric ambiance fireplaces, so you can enjoy them endlessly and not just for a short period! VuurSfeerhaard guarantees that if you purchase a product from us, it will work well and meet all the specified requirements. A well-functioning electric ambiance fireplace lasts a long time, as long as you place it in a moisture-free location and not in a place where it can get damaged or similar.


Our prices are guaranteed to be the lowest in the Benelux! We have direct contact with the manufacturer, which allows us to ensure that the prices are as low as possible. No intermediaries, but directly delivered from the factory to the customer! Quality is also very important, which is why we have decided to offer a minimum of 5 years warranty for long-term use, not just short-term!


In general, ordered before 4 pm = delivered for free the next working day. The electric ambiance fireplace is not the easiest or lightest product to transport. We use a reliable and personalized transport company that we work with. The delivery is done very carefully and precisely, so you will be notified well in advance if we are coming to deliver! You will always receive a live track & trace by email on the same day of delivery, so you can see exactly when and at what time the carrier will deliver your ambiance fireplace.

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